How to avoid Single Supplement Cost when Traveling as a Single


So here you are, a person who loves to travel but when it’s time to book a trip you come across the words  $$ per person double occupancy (ugh) or they mention a single supplement charge. Even when booking a hotel you see a price that is much less expensive if the cost was spread between 2 people  vs paying for a single room. Going on a Cruise……yep…same scenario.

Airlines do not do this…..Why? Because you are sharing the ride with others even though you do not know anyone on the flight, but you all have the same goal which is to go from the same point A to the same point B. No single supplement charges to pay but this, and maybe a car rental, is where the savings end.

Many single travelers say to themselves, well I like to travel alone and do my own thing but I do not appreciate seeing lower prices advertised that I cannot get traveling as a single. I am sure you can understand why businesses like hotels do this but still it’s aggregating and you feel taken advantage of.

The truth is that even if you do want to travel alone you are still sharing the costs with others to save money. Take a tour for example, you can take a private tour and pay high prices for the exclusivity or you can share a bus tour with others that you do not know with a tour guide to save money. Want to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower alone….good luck with that expense. Right?

But also keep this in mind, why do you travel? I assume it was to see places you have never experienced or places you love to revisit and to meet people you never met before. To make new friends and memories or to visit those you have not seen in a while and make a vacation out of it. Who knows you may find someone you resonate with and become a lifelong friend or even a life partner. Ones that share your same passion to travel and become a travel partner, hence the single supplement cost disappear and selfie’s become more enjoyable.

While we are on the topic of disappearing single supplement charges lets list a few other ways:

  1. Join a local meetup group in your area to meet those who like to travel as well
  2. Join some Facebook Groups that are formed for Single Travel folks
  3. Find specific vacation packages geared for singles like a single’s cruise
  4. Have a conversation with your single friends you already know
  5. Hang out at places you know other single people hang out at

The above are all good ways to engage with others but now you have other issues:

  1. Do these people like what I like
  2. Do they travel the same way I do
  3. Do they like the same places I like
  4. Do they travel 1st Class or Budget Class
  5. Do I even know if we are compatible if we should go on a trip together


All good questions to keep in mind but remember your goal is you want to meet people, go to places to make memories and share the cost so that you can do more for less. So be cautious but take the leap of faith after doing your research. The key is to find and connect with likeminded people so you need a large pool of possibilities.


This brings me to my solution for you. Even though I myself am married to a very special person, a travel partner,  I was single and have many single friends and belong to many groups of likeminded people.  One of these groups I belong to is a VIP Travel Group. This is where I see so many single travelers taking advantage of this travel group with the same problems you have traveling as a single. Let me explain and if you want more information just reach out to me and I can assist you.


VIP Travel is Here


This VIP Travel Club is virtually free, I’ll explain further at the end, and with over one million of us you are sure to solve many of the issues you face so let me list a few of them for you.


  1. We have our own Facebook Group so we all can communicate our goals and build relationships.
  2. We are more than one million strong around the world so getting vacation ideas or information about a particular destination is a breeze.
  3. We all have the same mindset which is Travel
  4. We are made up of every nationality, religion, marital status, social status and background
  5. We all love to save money and stay at all the great places
  6. We all want to be our own Travel Agent whether we book vacations or al la cate trips
  7. And best of all we do not want to pay retail prices for travel anymore

The Deal

So here’s the deal you need to know and I will list just a few benefits by belonging to this group and if this sounds interesting to you contact me and I can explain it more and even show you a video of the club.

  1. Never pay Retail for Vacation packages again. In fact if you find one of their vacations cheaper they will refund you 100% of what you paid PLUS send you on that trip for FREE. How’s that for confidence?
  2. They have Thousands of Vacations to choose from around the world and continually change them to give you fresh ideas. Whether it’s the Kentucky Derby you want or walk the Great Wall of China or a Mediterranean Cruise or just a short stay in your own surrounding city.
  3. They give you your own Travel Website to book Vacations or Hotel, Airline Ticket, Car Rental, Spa or even a Sporting Event Ticket. You name it they got it.
  4. If you book a la carte, say an airline ticket, they guarantee the lowest price for the same ticket or will refund 150% of the difference and they have a system that checks for any price decrease on your booking and will automatically refund you the savings. You have full peace of mind you are getting the lowest price up until the day you leave.
  5. You will get an accidental trip insurance policy included which we hope you never cash in but good to have.
  6. You get a full concierges service to assist you with any of your travel needs. Many times at the destination you arrive to but if not always by phone.
  7. You receive emergency evacuation services. Again hopefully never needed but better safe then sorry.
  8. Your Travel website also allows you to purchase items on your mall site to hundreds of well know stores that you use now like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s….you name it. Best of all when you use this online mall on your site you get a percentage of what you spent back.
  9. If you think the shopping perk is great you will love their restaurant perk as well because they give you a percentage of what you spend back and yes this is around the world. Just use the app they give you hit local restaurants and they pop up on your phone.
  10. How about road side assistance whether it’s your car or one you rented. No more AAA membership needed.
  11. How about an on call doctor to call anywhere in the world to answer ailments or prescribe medicine to be pick up at the closest Pharmacy. You got it.


Wait there’s more… but I will save that for when you contact me.


Sound too Good to be True

Well by now I am sure you can see the benefits of being a member and you can see how even if you are a single traveler how you can connect with many travelers who you can become friends with to eliminate the single supplement costs (The large pool) and to create new friendships. Now you can pick and choose those that are like minded with you who love to travel who have the same interests and who love to save money. We are talking worldwide so your new family just got huge and plenty of memories await you.

What it’s Free!

Now earlier I mentioned virtually free and you are probably saying no way not after you told me what this club gives me. Well actually it is free and here’s why.

They do have 3 types of memberships and do have an enrollment & monthly fee for each but the money you pay is yours…that’s right yours to spend on your travel, 100% of it. In fact if you remember earlier when I told you that you get money back when you shop or eat well that money goes into your travel account to use as well so go ahead and shop & eat your way to a free vacation. So not only do you get the best VIP Vacation Club membership at wholesale prices and perks galore it doesn’t cost you anything. The only way to lose money is to not travel. What a delema.

So where’s the catch you ask….Well there isn’t any. All you have to do is book your travel, shopping, eating on your own personal website and travel wherever you want to go.

Now the type of membership and fees I mentioned is up to you. They have it to meet your needs and budget on how much you want to save each month for your travel but it’s your money anyway so you make your choice. If there needs to be a catch for you here it is. The One time enrollment fee you pay can be use on a vacation immediately. The monthly fee you pay can only be used after your anniversary enrollment date. Think of it like you would a Christmas club that you would open at your bank only on steroids. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t take their vacation packages or use your site immediately it just means your banking away your savings and every year you are certain to have vacation money to use. Just book your trip for anytime in the future and spend those travel savings.


Which Membership is for You


Now for the club packages prices you have been waiting for which will get you even more excited. Remember also that each club membership has perks so the more you put towards your travel kitty the more perks you will receive. I can explain this through a video.


Club Membership Pricing Options

  1. $29.99 per month with an enrollment of $99.99
  2. $54.99 per month with an enrollment of $199.99
  3. $99.99 per month with an enrollment of $299.99

Remember it’s all yours to spend but the monthly needs to accrue one year before using and the enrollment can be used immediately.  Also remember that the mall and restaurant kickbacks are added to your travel piggy bank as well.

So you pick the plan that fits your budget and let the club do the rest.

That’s it…… It’s up to you….Forget about spending extra for traveling as a single and come join the rest of us and save, make new friends, new memories and best of all Travel the World.

The only requirement is the willingness to have fun and explore what we found and now sharing with you. If you need some good travel guide books click here for a list to choose from.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Travel Buddies

Mick and Donna or

(941) 704-1484 or (941) 524-8680

Connect with us on any Social Media Platform……we are everywhere….See you in Bora Bora








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