Work Your Dream Not Someone Else's

So…As I had mentioned on my “About Me” page….A while back I woke up and said NO I'm not doing this anymore. Time to take my life back and make my own destiny for me and my family. So I started by becoming an entrepreneur, invested in me, worked hard and haven't looked back since. I began my Entrepreneurial journey in 2000 and have looked for opportunities that provided residual income then reinvested my profits into additional residual income streams. Hence the meaning of Multiple Streams of Income. Today my life looks much brighter with multiple streams of income and I am very thankful for those who showed me opportunities and educated me on the correct way to build my businesses.

Today you are probably realizing the same struggles and frustrations I did a while back. Now my passion and mission is to help as many entrepreneurs I can, realize the lifestyle they seek and deserve. Today I am offering that opportunity to you by offing you the solutions and tools to solve whatever is stopping you from reaching your dreams. What is your Vision? Where do you see yourself 5 Years from now? 10 Years?

Remember if you want change in your life YOU must change. It has been stated by many… The definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again…..and expecting a different result.

What Does This Mean For You

If your resonate with what I said above… Great.  Now What?  How Do I receive residual income?  you say….

  • First you have to have a “Can Do” mindset followed by “Action” steps
  • Second you need a System in place to follow that is simple and duplicatable
  • Third you have to “Plug In” to a mentor to follow that has proven the system works and replicate the process

Now none of the above will cost you a dime but Investing money into additional training and tools will be necessary down the road.


You need to find an opportunity business platform that you are passionate about that offers you residual income

You have to be a product user or service customer of that business and

You have to tell as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time about what you found with posture and passion

Where are my Opportunities ?

There are many residual income opportunities to choose from out there. Residual Income is also called Passive Income which is the opposite of working dollars for hours found in a typical 9-5 job. It is income that you generate whether you physically work that day or not.

Compounding time formula is Lifestyle changing. As said by many successful business minds….

” I would rather earn 1% of of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts”  

Think about your employer leveraging your efforts and those of you fellow constituents working while he or she is nowhere to be found

Now I found my opportunities and maybe they are for you and maybe they are not. That's not the important factor which is “What is your passion” “What are your Interests” “What are your Goals”

Here are some leveraged income opportunities examples to think about ,some of which have higher risks involved…..

  • Be an Amazon Affiliate
  • Be an Online Store Marketer of whatever products you choose
  • Be a Network Marketer of anyone of the hundreds of great Multi Level Companies out there
  • Be a Real Estate Investor buying properties to receive rental income
  • Be an investor of the Stock Market
  • Be a Airbnb host using OPP (other peoples property) to generate rental income
  • Be a Franchise owner

The Key Is…..

Finding an opportunity that meets your goals.

Maybe you don't have thousands to invest into a franchise or real estate. Maybe you don't have the time to manage a store front business or be a property manager of income properties. In any case I will recommend the following……

  • Don't quit your day job. Instead transition into your residual income business when the time is right
  • Find a business that has low startup costs low risk entry with an unlimited income potential
  • Find a business product or service that appeals to the masses and that can be consumed every day
  • Find a business that their product or service is trending. Jump on board a speeding train concept
  • Do your research and talk to the other entrepreneurs in that business you are checking out.
  • Find a coach that can assist you in decisions and direction that has documented success
  • Find a business platform that duplicates easily with others. (the effort of others quote mentioned above)
  • Stay consistent with your actions. Don't listen to nay sayers and don't ever quit your dream. Imagine what the Wright Brothers heard when they said they were going to fly or Edison when he wanted to create a light bulb. Stay the course.


How Did I Do It ?

Glad you asked.

As I was building my Real Estate business I turned to my wife and said I could really use your help. Maybe you do not have a partner to help you get started and that's okay but I did so I took advantage of the assistance. This doesn't change the outcome because I would have found the time to make it happen anyway and today we work the residual income businesses together. Thankfully when I showed her what I wanted to do she fell in love with the idea and went full in. Today she is even a lifestyle business coach and loves, like I do, helping ordinary people make extraordinary income.

So what we did was build her a website so that a “want a be entrepreneur” like you could go to and learn how to put it all together. Today I can say we have helped many get started and I am very proud of the partnership my wife and I have created together but we had help from a Multi Millionaire coach. You will meet him soon.

Now It's Your Turn

Now it's time for you to benefit from what we have learned, what we have found, our coach connection and what mistakes to avoid. Let us shave years off of your journey to success by giving you a step by step system to follow and if the types of businesses we work resonates with you even better. If not no problem our system works for any platform you choose so let's have that discussion.

So now…. jump over to the website we made for my wife Donna. Once there Click “Find Out More” and you will see on that page half way down the exact simple steps to follow to get you started. It's free to take a look , engage and make your own decision.

Click here for that site. Let's Get Started

In closing I just want to say…… Thank you for your visit here and I look forward to a long wonderful business relationship with you

Mickey McMahon


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